Saving the Landfills

At the end of 2007, Virgin Earth took a good hard look at local businesses and saw a need for an e-waste recycling service.

It's something that is still new in South Africa, although there are a number of companies getting involved. Regulation is still being developed, but Virgin Earth is attempting to keep practices in line with WEEE directives, as already enforced by European law.

The first organization to take advantage of Virgin Earth's e-waste recycling has been MiX Telematics' Stellenbosch office. An agreement was signed earlier this year to process all e-waste generated on site in an earth-friendly and eco-sensitive manner. Recycling bins are provided and serviced regularly, with arrangements for bulk collection of e-waste available as needed.

Others have since joined the party by adding their discarded electronics to the cause. A monitor here, a broken mouse there, a length of cable or a few non-functioning CDs - it all adds up to a considerable volume that would have been left to disintegrate in a landfill!

What happens to the e-waste?

After site removal, it is examined to determine how it should be processed. It is broken down to the smallest possible volume. Computer components, for example, will have all screws and fixing points removed to seperate the parts. These are then sorted into various "ingredients" such as metals, plastic and glass. From there the e-waste is recycled as safely as possible.

Virgin Earth has committed to community involvement - and e-waste recycling forms a part of it. As this drive grows, it will see cash, skills and work opportunities poured back into the community.

For more information, download our E-Waste Brochure.

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