The Road Ahead

So what's in store for Virgin Earth - what's down the line?

The beauty of Virgin Earth is that it's not set in stone. While still operating sans website, it's been able to adapt fluidly to take advantage of a number of opportunities and fill gaps as they arose. That's not going to stop now that VE has a URL!

As a business, there are a number of avenues VE will be venturing down. E-Waste processing is starting to take off, and we'll be looking at expanding this service to other businesses that generate e-waste on a regular basis.

A Downloads section will be added to the website soon, with just-for-fun screensavers and wallpaper.

The Shop is under review with new products on offer available shortly. This section will also serve as a payment portal in the future for regular VE customers who subscribe to our services.

Look for a Stock Photos page within the next month, with both free and for-sale photographs available.

And finally, watch for news and reports on what Virgin Earth is doing locally.

Virgin Earth is just getting started!

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